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Author Topic: Are Democrats as Divided as the Republicans? It would seem so... Back to Topics

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Message Posted: Mar 26, 2013 3:42:47 PM

"While Senators go back and forth over what constitutes “expanded background checks,” gun control groups, particularly the crusade by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, will be demanding an actual gun ban. The greatest effect here will be to panic lawmakers from heavily Democratic districts afraid of primary challengers on this hot-button issue for the left.

Obama, who has been seemingly allergic to the process of crafting difficult legislative deals since even his days in the Illinois Senate, will be heading out on the trail with Democrats divided, thereby taking the heat off of Republicans on the subject of gun control.

The president has promised to do everything in his power to prevent further mass shootings. This apparently does not include forging some Democratic consensus on the subject. He may choose to call an “up or down vote” on doomed legislation a victory, but that would be setting the bar awfully low.

Meanwhile, the president is also promising to ramp up the pressure for fast-track amnesty for illegal immigrants. And while someone in his administration leaked portions of the president’s plan, it’s not clear exactly what the president will be selling there either.

The Senate budget process last week highlighted the deepening rifts on the Blue Team over basic issues. And here again, we have yet to see Obama’s budget, apparently delayed for the sake of avoiding a more specific embarrassment during the Senate voting process. Republicans may eventually force a vote on the president’s eventual budget, but he was able to duck last week’s budget vote-a-thons.

Polls show deepening voter frustrations on the issues of fiscal policy and the economy, dealing a blow to Obama’s approval ratings.

Obama’s real priority is a deal on a fiscal plan that will encourage the economy and get him out of a place where his team has to explain why Vice President Joe Biden’s room-service tabs and a Yale study of mallard genitalia take precedence over White House tours and other federal expenses.

That deal will take months to accomplish, and when it’s done, it will only be about a year until the next Election Day. Democrats face disaster next year if Washington remains unable to accomplish even basic tasks. An anti-incumbent wave could mean the end of the Democratic majority in the Senate."

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That last line may be Republican wishful thinking, but stranger things have happened and Obama is looking pretty ineffective in his 2nd term.

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