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Author Topic: The NRA is correct about over emotional people having access to guns Back to Topics
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Message Posted: Jan 28, 2013 4:59:06 PM

One of the often repeated delusions of the right is that the “government” is going to come and get their guns, and make slaves of us all. Communism! Dictatorship. Loss of ALL our “freedoms”. Get a gun, stand up for your “beliefs”.

What makes this so silly is that I’ve heard it all before. The exact same unreasonable fear. The same contortions of even the slightest thing. The overblown hyperbole of self- appointed “prophets”. The manipulation of the press by those with something to gain from the fear and rage.

Yes, every bit of it. In the 1970s. But it was from from the left wing paranoid delusional crowd.

Instead of Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter, we had Abbey Hoffman and Jane Fonda. And the paranoia was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

Nixon was going to use the demonstrations against the Vietnam War as an excuse to declare martial law, and put a military dictatorship in place.

The government was entirely in the hands of corporations that were going to make us all slaves.

The army was going to clamp down on any left wing press, and annul the first amendment.

Some Black people were convinced that civil rights were going to be taken away again. Much of this, of course, was rhetoric fired up by white liberals looking for an ally.

The fear was palpable, and very real to many of those people. Dark conspiracies flourished. Various underground movements formed to get ready to combat the coming holocaust (think of today’s militias). Communes formed to allow people to go on after society collapsed (think survivalists).

Now, most reasonable people know that their sons and daughters, brothers and sisters in the military are not going to invade their home town. We know that black helicopters from the UN are not closing in on us. We know that political mistakes are not part of some vast conspiracy. Our brains work correctly, and allow us to see things as they really are.

But some people are so far gone, so brain damaged by political flummery that they can no longer function as rational people. They see everything as dark and sinister. Everything is a plot against them. And they are prepared to fight those imaginary plots to the bitter end.

And a lot of them have guns. The NRA is correct about that part of their argument. There really ARE a lot of brain damaged people out there with access to guns. These people are really there. Not an apparition. Not a phobia. They openly announce their irrational fears, trying to get the rest of us to be just as paranoid, and just as angry as they are.

And that is the primary reason that I’m not going to let go of MY guns any time soon.
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