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Author Topic: Who wants to save some lives--- Back to Topics

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Joined:Aug 2008
Message Posted: Jan 20, 2013 3:31:43 PM

if it will save just one life we ought to do it
>>>Creating deterrents for first-time offenders is key, Darling says. In other states, "there's much more of a stigma on a first offense, so people are very afraid to get caught," she says. "When you're sitting in a bar with friends having a good time, you often don't see the tragic flip side." <<<

Lets see here now - 200 people per year killed in this one state alone. That doesnt attempt to deal with the thousands injured.

But nobody seems to want to deal with the problem. For sure they dont want to hold people responsible for what they do.

I know - I know - the proggie answer is to blame the object and ban the object and let the person breaking the law off the hook.
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Champion Author South Carolina

Joined:Apr 2008
Message Posted: Jan 23, 2013 10:27:03 AM

10 toughest penalties DU! by state -

1. Arizona (red)
2. California (blue)
3. Florida (Blue)
4. Illinoise (blue)
5. NJ (Blue)
6. Oregon (Blue)
7. Texas (red)
8. Georgia (red)
9. NY (Blue)
10. Virgina (Blue)

hmmm -- seems to me the Blue states are already tougher- good for them.

special note - Arizona , PA and NM are the only states at present who are required to install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle for at least a year after 1st offense. 13 other states also require it after 1st offense but for less time.
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Veteran Author Indiana

Joined:Jul 2011
Message Posted: Jan 23, 2013 9:46:08 AM

Sorry to hear about that.
This just proves my point and my frustration over seeing people caught again and again and because they "knew" someone.
This is just one case where the guy (and his wife) both had been arrested MULTIPLE TIMES so drunk they could not even stand up when ordered out of the pickup!
Not until he crossed the center line running over 90 hit a family head on 12:00 noon in the day and killed the father and one of the 4 kids in the mini van did anything get done.
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Champion Author New Jersey

Joined:Nov 2006
Message Posted: Jan 23, 2013 9:13:07 AM

""Same with guns. If you use a gun and kill someone or injure someone without justification - make the penalty strong enough that people will think twice.""

Use to be the Death Penalty for this? What happened....Oh Yea. Liberals changed that.!
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Champion Author Utah

Joined:Aug 2008
Message Posted: Jan 20, 2013 8:08:56 PM

Ydraig - first I am really sorry you had to go through that. Nobody should have to.

But those who are so adamant at 'doing something' to save lives will not take some fairly simple steps to actually do something that will make a difference. Pass a law and advertise the heck out of it that if you are caught driving legally drunk there will be serious penalties for the first offence. Try for starters that upon conviction in a court or admission you were drunk or a judges order the car is crushed. It doesn't matter who the owner is. The only exemption is if it's a stolen car. That is added to a penalty of ten lashes with a cat-o-nine tails or whatever.

The second offence you're charged with something similar to attempted murder or attempted negligent homicide.

The third offence the charges are tougher - the fourth offence - capital punishment.

You liberals want to actually save some lives - fine get a backbone and start holding people accountable. Start saying we as a society will no longer accept others taking our lives because they just don't care.

The same penalties for texting/cell phone use while driving. The people that do so just don't care if they have a car wreck that may very well destroy someone else life. Can anyone here honestly say that they dont know that cell phone use while driving is dangerous? Can anyone with say witha straight face that they have not heard of the studies that prove texting while driving is worse than driving legally drunk?

Same with guns. If you use a gun and kill someone or injure someone without justification - make the penalty strong enough that people will think twice.

Maybe if the liberals among us get fed up enough they might actually hold people accountable and punish them for what they do instead of play silly games.

Yep I know the progressives will all whine that it's a disease and it's not their fault etc. Horsefeathers - if the penalty for drunk driving was capital punishment those who are alcoholics will figure out how to take public transportation or whatever. Nobody is forcing them to take the first drink that day.

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Champion Author Illinois

Joined:Aug 2005
Message Posted: Jan 20, 2013 6:01:54 PM

Thank you for this post, flyboyUT.

In 1976, I missed the bi-centenial. A drunk driver hit me at the end of March. I spent the next six month in and out of hospitals, endured six surgeries, and wound up with a severely crippled left leg.

My son was only six. He remembered Dad playing football, sliding down Mt Hollywood on a pice of cardboard with him, wrestling with him and his friends. He had a hard time getting used to the new Dad who could no longer do those things. The new Dad who sometimes woke up crying out in pain. The new Dad who had to use crutches for some time after. The new Dad who could not go running with him.

My wife had to deal with a new husband who sometimes drank too much. Who often was in too much pain to make love. Who could not sit in a movie theatre for long, or sometimes, not even in a restaurant. Who could not take her dancing.

The drunk had no insurance. The bar that got him drunk was a fly-by-night college bar with all rented stuff. We had no recourse there either. His blood alcohol was still .19 more than 1 1/2 hours after the wreck . I had good insurance at work, but the bills piled up anyway. We lost almost all the meagre savings we had worked so hard for. We had to sell the house.

Seven years into our marriage, we started over.

The drunk driver hurts more than just the person he hits.

Oh, because of the lax laws at the time, he got 30 days.

I got life.
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Champion Author Wisconsin

Joined:Sep 2003
Message Posted: Jan 20, 2013 5:59:00 PM

3rd DUI conviction = jail time.

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Champion Author Indianapolis

Joined:Feb 2003
Message Posted: Jan 20, 2013 4:28:53 PM

Funny thing is, they are doing something, and there is no pushback from a lobby who's only mission is to sell more guns. Point not made
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