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Author Topic: Five things that will get a topic closed Back to Topics

Message Posted: May 3, 2006 11:51:49 AM

There are three major things that will get a thread closed:

1) The number one thing that will get a thread closed is that it turns into another “us vs. them” thread.

The moderators have to read every topic reported on this board. Some of us have been here for years. That means we've read the Iraq argument about a thousand times. Threads on this forum have a tendency to break down into “us vs. them” (Liberal vs. Conservative, Bush supporters vs. anti-Bush supporters). To be honest, that gets boring as hell and accomplishes nothing. The very best discussions on here are the ones where people avoid automatically falling into the political boxes. Those are the ones that will not be closed. Automatically turning the thread into an “us vs. them” thread is like giving a 15 year old the keys to your car and a case of beer. It might be okay, but most likely there is going to be a wreck.

The platonic ideal of a Political thread would be the one where people can discuss what THEY think without resorting to sound-bites or standard positions.

2) The thread turns into a different thread.

If the subject is apples and suddenly we are talking about Iraq, the thread is probably going to be closed, unless we are talking about apple imports in Iraq.

3) The thread turns ugly.

Moderating is a pain. If people start bordering on breaking the rules and it looks like we are going to have to start issuing warnings, we'll probably - to quote Deputy Phife- "Nip it in the bud.".

A thread never gets closed because the moderators are trying to win some imaginary political game. Nowhere is there a big scoreboard where the liberals and conservatives are battling to break 100 first. Threads get closed more or less for the reasons above.

Posters can insure the long and happy lives of their threads by avoiding these pitfalls.

4) The initiation of any Wal-Mart based threads, and or Pro/Anti-smoking topics. They are not allowed.

5) Bumping old, inactive topics. If a topic has been dead for two months or more, please do not post to it.

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