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Author Topic: RFS working. So why is it under attack? Back to Topics

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Joined:Apr 2010
Message Posted: Jun 10, 2013 8:50:31 AM

The RFS is under attack not because the policy is "broken" or "unworkable," as claimed by the oil industry and other self-interested opponents of the program. Rather, the RFS is being assailed because it is working exactly as intended.

Remember, the primary objectives of the RFS were to reduce U.S. petroleum imports and consumption, diversify the energy supply with cleaner fuels, and introduce real competition into a fuel market that has been monopolized by oil for the better part of a century. By any measure, the program is succeeding on all counts. Think about it—if the RFS was truly "broken," it wouldn’t be accomplishing any of these important policy goals, and thus it wouldn’t be a real threat to the interests of the entrenched fossil fuels industry. If the program was "not working" and failing to deliver on its promise of reducing petroleum use and imports, then Big Oil’s monopoly would still be intact and they wouldn’t give a second thought to the RFS.

The truth is, the RFS scares the pants off of the oil industry—and it should. Faced with the prospect of losing even more market share to renewable fuels like ethanol, the oil industry has pulled out all the stops to demonize the program and muddle the public discourse over renewable fuels. Big Oil and its surrogates are spending millions of dollars on an orchestrated public relations, legal, and legislative campaign aimed at undermining and ultimately dismantling the RFS. Would they be doing this if the RFS was truly "broken" and didn’t pose a real threat to their stranglehold on the U.S. economy? I think not.

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Champion Author Houston

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Message Posted: Jun 30, 2013 1:30:19 PM

RFS doesn't work because it ties the production of fuel to the questionably secure business of agriculture.
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Champion Author Detroit

Joined:Jul 2011
Message Posted: Jun 12, 2013 9:25:02 PM

Hannie, You have some good points from this article. Including the broken and unworkable parts.

But just like your horror of disconnecting RFS, trying to justify more is just as bad. Just look at the NSA issue we all read about. The agency has always reviewed data on US citizens. But they took a responsible approach and stretched it to cover all cell data. Opps, now look at what happened; the baby went out with the bath water when too much was too much.

And I'm sure the oil company is buying into some of the ethanol production so they can control a small piece of the action. Heck, they even invest in solar so why not ethanol too?
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Champion Author West Virginia

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Message Posted: Jun 12, 2013 2:40:19 PM

"When manufacture of ethanol consumes 80% of its energy content from non-renewable resources, I fail to see how it qualifies as "renewable".

First of all this is a false statement for sure.

I have no problem with fueling vehicles with natural gas. Let's do it!

However it takes far more natural gas and diesel to make gasoline, than it does for ethanol.
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Champion Author Alabama

Joined:Jun 2009
Message Posted: Jun 12, 2013 12:00:27 PM

When manufacture of ethanol consumes 80% of its energy content from non-renewable resources, I fail to see how it qualifies as "renewable".

We would be far better off to directly use the natural gas and diesel consumed in production of ethanol than to make ethanol with it.

We'd be better off making diesel out of natural gas than to use natural gas to fire ethanol distilleries. But it would be even better to use natural gas directly in our vehicles.
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All-Star Author Appleton

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Message Posted: Jun 10, 2013 5:38:28 PM

It is obvious that this author works for the RFA. It's right at the botom of the article I linked to. But his opinion on the RFS and why it is under attack is no less valid.

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Champion Author Chicago

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Message Posted: Jun 10, 2013 5:33:44 PM

article by geof Cooper, and who does he work for??? the RFA! No conflict of Interest there ... eh?
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