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Author Topic: Will Station Accomadate Large RV 5TH wheel trailers Back to Topics
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New Jersey

Joined:Jul 2011
Message Posted: May 14, 2014 3:28:25 PM

I travel around the country towing a 40' 5TH wheel RV with a 1 Ton dually Pickup. Getting in and out of most stations is an issue. It is impossible in most. With the exception of truck stops, I have to find a save place to unhitch the trailer, then go fuel up, then reconnect and get on my way. That is one of the reason I replaced stock fuel tank with a larger 55 gallon tank and I'm thinking about installing a transfer tank too. Gives me the option of fuelling up when and where the fuel is cheapest and where I can get in and out with out having to unhook the RV.
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Rookie Author New Jersey

Joined:Jul 2011
Message Posted: Jun 13, 2014 8:39:28 PM

Gas Buddy thanks for the great source of info. Some of it was new to me but I will be utilizing it now. Again thanks for a great reply.
Champion Author Los Angeles

Joined:Mar 2010
Message Posted: May 15, 2014 8:12:01 AM

One of the problems with this request is that what is a large vehicle to one person is normal size to another. The OP is asking members to decide if a station has enough maneuvering space approaching the pumps for a 5th wheel trailer and full size pickup. Several people looking at the same space will have different opinions about that, based at least in part on their experience driving large vehicles.
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Message Posted: May 14, 2014 6:40:54 PM

This suggestion has been added to the Suggestion Tracking List as a new topic on an existing subject.
Champion Author Maryland

Joined:Aug 2004
Message Posted: May 14, 2014 3:57:30 PM

This suggestion seems to be asking for an inordinate amount of exact/precise information for the maneuvering of large vehicles in any and all gas stations.

This topic has been discussed at length in several discussion threads including at the following:

and in a thread started yesterday at: Yesterday's topic

For quick reference, here are comments I made in the first thread (you'll have to go to the original post to open the suggested links in my post):

(Start previous thread)

As one who's done a bit of RV'ing across the United States, I think that most RV and Truck GPS devices provide much of the information you're asking about, and both more accurate and up to date than you would ever find on this website.

The website RV-Info, which can be found at:
already links to this and other gas price posting websites.

And, you may want to make use of the the book (updated in hard copy annually) "The Next Exit", available either through the website, via Amazon, or in places such as Camping World. Click here to see the website "The Next Exit" pertains to interstate highways but has entries (in red, to highlight the information) to indicate RV friendly locations for everything from gas stations to restaurants. You can either buy the book or sign up for an on-line subscription.

Alternatively, you might want to review "The RVer's Friend: North American Diesel/Parking Directory"; the book, updated annually, is oriented toward diesel RVs but they all have gas information also. It's the RV version of "The Trucker's Friend." The first column includes "RV Gasoline" as an entry. It's arranged by state with a map showing locations at the front of each state. I'm not sure if the publishers have a website.

You can access "truck stop information" from
Truck Stop Info Plus by clicking this link
and you can check out truck stop/gas station information, as well as prices for fuel, at the Pilot Flying J truck stops by clicking this link There are sections for both professional drivers and RVers and you should check both sections for familiarity. You can also download the Pilot Flying J mobile app.
And, you can access the Travel Centers of America website, which lists fuel prices, at
click this link. Travel Centers of America is also associated with Petro gas stations/truck stops. The website includes a link to downloading the mobile app to TomTom, Magellan, and Garmin GPS devices. Informatioin on Petro stations, including gas prices, can be found by clicking on this link:
Petro stations

A website that I've heard mentioned a number of times, though I haven't used it, is Truck Master Fuel Finder, the website can be found by clicking here. That site is very easy to use and station listings include fuel prices.

I use this one and "Gas Buddy" if I have time and Wi-Fi to search around some. Even driving the car, I try to
plan my fuel stops and know what I may be expected to pay. If I see a bargain I will stop and use it. I do not
drive out of my way much to get to cheap fuel. In a MH getting 8 mpg, if you drive 8 miles out of the way (4 out and 4 back)
you have to save at least $4 on your fill up to make it worth while. 60 gallons at 5cts savings is only $3 so the savings
has to be significant to be worthwhile.

All that said, I'm not sure how much this website can provide or offer unless there was an entirely new website for the specific use of truck drivers or for motor home and recreation vehicle drivers. The information is too specialized and I'm not sure that many users here will check out the Master Station List to review individual stations for a multi-hundred mile or interstate trip, let alone have confidence in the fuel price postings, many of which will (likely) be outdated before the station information is next updated.

That said, I'm sure that Gas Buddy members will appreciate your continuing to post gas prices as you travel across the country, helping them be more knowledgeable shoppers.

(End of previous post).

Does that help answer your question? In any case, read the previously started thread for different views/perspectives.
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