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Author Topic: Add a "Last Visit:" to forom post profile Back to Topics
Champion Author

Joined:Oct 2011
Message Posted: Sep 10, 2013 9:07:33 AM

Right under the icon place a "Last Visit" date to show when each
member was last on this site. It is pointless to continue many of
the topic threads if the original contributor is not even reading their own topic thread.
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Champion Author Sacramento

Joined:May 2007
Message Posted: Sep 12, 2013 7:49:53 PM

As kwzh has concluded, the mechanism for performing Consecutive Days might, with a bit of tweaking, be the same needed for this suggestion.

The server might now set a per-member bit when a point is earned that is later cleared in 48-hours if no more points are earned in the meantime, all without recording a date. If that is so, then a Last Visit Date would have to be added as well as a method to display it.

Activity could be defined as doing anything that requires being logged in (and not necessarily something that requires earning points). Because the server checks the user for a login cookie being set for every request that requires the user to be logged in, that could be the basis for the Last Active Date; it would update the date. For example, doing a user-specific function (profile, photo album, searching for a forum topic started by the user, etc.) would be sufficient to update the Last Visit Date.

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Champion Author San Jose

Joined:Jul 2001
Message Posted: Sep 11, 2013 7:04:12 PM

One conceptually-simple change would be to have the "consecutive days" number be positive to indicate consecutive days present, and negative to indicate consecutive days absent.

An independent change on a related concept would be to repurpose the speed lines to indicate "active during the last 30 days", say. Then we'd be able to tell at a glance when someone's no longer participating.
Champion Author Arkansas

Joined:Oct 2011
Message Posted: Sep 11, 2013 9:17:16 AM

Gas Buddy; For once I agree with you, and I have tried to respond back to the threads I started. I appreciate the input, even if I disagree with it, at least I have received input and am wiser for it.

As for Last visit, I had not thought about a person being logged in continuously, those that do so would more then likely be active members anyway. So I suppose I would say some type of points earning activity.

CampKohler; As an alternate placement, "Last Visit" or "Last Date Participated" could be placed on the members profile page. As it is only a click away via hyperlink.

So thanks the input and the fish (someone will know where that line is from surly).
Champion Author Pittsburgh

Joined:Mar 2003
Message Posted: Sep 11, 2013 6:40:53 AM

It would be nice to know the last time someone visited the site and what they did like post a price, read a news article, post a forum message, etc.
Champion Author Tampa

Joined:May 2004
Message Posted: Sep 10, 2013 6:10:10 PM

I think it would be nice to know last visit/activity date - just need to nail down the requirement details for a successful implementation. One can visit the site w/out logging in or performing and point activity.

Definition of last visit?
1 - last activity in thread (this would change from thread to thread and I would not see as very helpful)
2 - last point earning date?
3 - last log in date?

Last point earning or last log in date would make most sense.

If the last log in date, how would that be determined for those that are continuously logged in? Log in to Website, or log in on app (since currently Apps don't have access to the forums).
Champion Author Maryland

Joined:Aug 2004
Message Posted: Sep 10, 2013 1:59:13 PM

I agree that a "Last Date Participated" would provide some perspective of the original posters Gas Buddy activities, but many of the threads started develop a life or following of their own, even if the member making the original post no longer participates in the thread. And, in many cases, it's easy to determine (i.e., short threads) that the original poster is no longer participating in his/her own discussion.

That said, I've repeatedly said it would be good if members starting threads, especially those asking specific questions, at least acknowledged the responses of others (even if advice/guidance wasn't taken) and at other times noted that further responses aren't necessary (or appropriate) if the member starting the thread isn't seeing the responses.

For clarification: Are you asking that the "last visit" date be the last time a member participated in his/her own particular thread, or that the "last visit" date be the last time the member made any points earning activity (posted in other threads, etc.)? Or are you suggesting that topics be closed if the member starting the topic hasn't participated in that topic in a certain period of time?
Including the "last visit" date

Champion Author Sacramento

Joined:May 2007
Message Posted: Sep 10, 2013 11:56:09 AM

This suggestion has been added to the Suggestion Tracking List as a new topic on an existing subject.

This suggestion has slight differences from previous ones in that:
1. The Last Visit Date would be updated without any point-earning activity, but by merely logging in. (If there was no log-in, the system would not know who or when to update.)
2. The date is specified to be displayed in forum msgs (vs. the Member Profile or not specified at all).

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