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Joined:Jun 2011
Message Posted: Aug 18, 2013 8:05:28 PM

Not all vehicles are meant to burn ethanol (most older cars.) It sure would be nice to have access to "real gas" listings.

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Message Posted: Aug 26, 2013 5:34:39 PM

Hi d14mimo,

Thank you for the suggestion. We are considering adding other fuel types to the website and apps, however, currently only display the three main grades of gasoline, and diesel. We are hoping to improve upon this as time goes on though.

Thank you for your patience.


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Champion Author Virginia

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Message Posted: Aug 22, 2013 12:58:02 AM

Providing info on ethanol-free gas has been suggested time and again over the past couple of years. The Mods response has been that E0 is not widely available and is becoming less so, with the expectation that it will become unavailable in the near future. This assertion is patently false. E0 gas is not available in certain areas where RFG is required by law, but outside of those areas it remains available, usually at a slightly higher price. The number of E0 stations in rural Virginia has increased in the past year or so.

Minnesota is not in the RFG mandate area but there may be some state regulations on ethanol content. indicates that there are 389 stations that sell E0 in MN. Some of those listings are probably marinas that do not sell for highway use.

Contrary to Roger’s post, E15 is not at all widely available at this time. The last I heard it was only in a few Midwestern states. It may have contaminated more area than that but it is still not widespread.

Newer engines may well endure the use of E15 but mileage and performance will suffer. I would not rule out the possibility of increased fuel system maintenance with E15 fuel, even for 2012-13 models. Mileage and performance suffers from use of E10 and it can only get worse with E15.

We use E0 gas exclusively in our vehicles, including my wife’s 2010 Forester, with which we get 10-20% better combined (city + highway) mileage than the EPA rating for highway only. It is well worthwhile to pay a premium for E0 gas when you can get it. You will get more mpg and may well save on maintenance.

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Champion Author Indiana

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Message Posted: Aug 19, 2013 4:04:04 PM

"Many gas stations now have E15 instead of E10"

This really isn't so quite yet Roger. There are those who would like for there to be, but not yet. Suggest you read this article that clears up some of the misunderstandings about E15.

One of my 2012 vehicles has the universal Not sign (circle w/slash) around E15 and E85 in the fuel door compartment.

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Rookie Author Akron

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Message Posted: Aug 19, 2013 11:33:42 AM

Many gas stations now have E15 instead of E10. While E10 is purportedly safe for all vehicles, the EPA states that E15 is safe for model year 2001 vehicles and newer. Older vehicles must not use E15. Therefore it's pretty important to be able to find gas stations that sell something besides E15.
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Champion Author Maryland

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Message Posted: Aug 18, 2013 9:01:51 PM

Regarding "most older cars" not being able to use ethanol fuel, I'm not sure how that was determined. I'm of the understanding that almost all gasoline-powered cars can run on a 10 percent ethanol/90 percent gasoline blend. I may be wrong but I believe that Minnesota (among other states) in fact requires that all gasoline sold there is of that balance. While some people choose to run their cars on blends with a higher percentage of ethanol, but most auto manufacturers only guarantee their warranty services p;ujreAreadily available fuel or fuel used by a majority of drivers, and therefore the price posting isn't warranted at this time (future posting options may include non-ethanol fuel, CNG, etc.)

What you can do is start a topic in your local discussion category and request that local members provide a listing of stations and prices. Alternatively you can use websites such as to find "real gas" prices. Unfortunately that website is only as good or as useful as people such as yourself will make it (by posting prices and adding stations to the website).

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