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Author Topic: Add indication if station has diesel with an auto-diesel nozzle Back to Topics

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New York

Joined:Nov 2012
Message Posted: Aug 5, 2013 5:17:21 PM

I recently leased a Passat TDI and have run into an unknown (at least to me) issue. The diesel nozzle at stations that carry diesel fuel may not have the smaller auto-diesel nozzle, which my Passat and many other diesel cars require. I've fueled my car three times so far and each time I've had to go to multiple stations before finding one that had the auto-diesel nozzle.

I suggest adding an indicator to the app that lets users know if the stations that do carry diesel, also have the auto-diesel nozzle.
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Champion Author Tampa

Joined:May 2004
Message Posted: Aug 11, 2013 11:23:30 AM

Just how prevalent is this situation? Are the pumps labeled or do you have to look at the nozzle to see what size?
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Sophomore Author Nevada

Joined:Feb 2005
Message Posted: Aug 11, 2013 10:54:30 AM

I don't think this is something we would really be able to track, given that most of us who don't have diesels have a clue as to the different sizes of diesel nozzles...
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Champion Author Akron

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Message Posted: Aug 9, 2013 7:12:57 AM

Reported beachguy46 for posting in the wrong forum... Again... And Again...
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Champion Author Pittsburgh

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Message Posted: Aug 9, 2013 7:12:39 AM

Reported beachguy46 for posting in the wrong forum... Again...
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Champion Author Akron

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Message Posted: Aug 8, 2013 8:43:53 PM

Reported beachguy46 for posting in the wrong forum... Again...
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Champion Author Sacramento

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Message Posted: Aug 6, 2013 9:22:30 PM

This suggestion has been added to the Suggestion Tracking List as a new subject.

handslol: Have you checked at the stations with truck-sized nozzles to see if they have adapters for you to use? If they don't, perhaps a nozzle size feature would be appropriate.

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Champion Author San Jose

Joined:Jul 2001
Message Posted: Aug 5, 2013 11:52:03 PM

Gas_Buddy writes,
> Gasoline nozzles are smaller than diesel nozzles

On a related note, I understand that the reason that gasoline nozzles are their current small size is because, when leaded gas was still legal, there was a problem with drivers mistakenly putting leaded gas into their unleaded gas vehicles. The solution was to start making cars with smaller diameter receptacles so that they couldn't be filled from the then-standard nozzles, and of course they had to make the unleaded nozzles smaller to match. (The reverse was not such a problem, because cars that could run on leaded fuel could still use unleaded.)

Sometimes, someone with a small-hole tank would find themselves at a gas station that hadn't yet received the small-nozzle upgrade. When there's no adapter available, the low-tech solution is to use a funnel. For the current problem, you might want to consider carrying one in your car, handslol.

Since gasoline and diesel are mutually incompatible, perhaps the appropriate solution would be to use a circular cross section for one, and a triangle or square for the other, with each being a snug fit so that neither nozzle could fit into the wrong vehicle.
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Champion Author Maryland

Joined:Aug 2004
Message Posted: Aug 5, 2013 6:49:28 PM

Not knowing what year your car is or where you've been shopping for fuel, it's difficult to understand your particular problem (diesel hasn't seemed to be a problem in the past.

As an aside, in part because of many Americans' unfamiliarity with diesel vehicles (this was recently said by a Volkswagon spokesman) (despite their buying/leasing such vehicles) and consequently filling them with gas rather than diesel, beginning with 2013 vehicles, VW redesigned its fuel fillers to accept only diesel nozzles. Gasoline nozzles are smaller than diesel nozzles. But with one of the new TDI fuel fillers, if a driver tries to insert a gasoline nozzle instead of a diesel nozzle, the fuel tank gate will remain closed.

To the best of my knowledge, you will generally find the larger of the two diesel nozzles at truck stops in order to accommodate faster/high speed fueling, the larger size being too large for most diesel cars (to prevent rapid fuel and consequently overfilling/overflowing). Also, to my knowledge, many diesel vehicles (and I would assume rental and/or lease vehicles) come with a nozzle adapter to accommodate different size nozzles and allow use of the high-speed dispensers. (Note that using the adapter generally disables the automatic shut-off and makes over-filling possible).

As an aside, based on several BMW and VW sites I've just checked, the nozzle you should be using (diesels in general, that is) has a very tight "barely fits" clearance.

Personally I haven't had any problems filling either diesel pick-up trucks or cars and don't see a need for Gas Buddy to provide such an identification for diesel pumps any more than I see a need to indicate if a pump is high-speed or not.

If you want to indicate in the Master Station List that a station has a particular type of nozzle, you can do so (when you're a senior Gas Buddy member, or if you have less than 10,000 points, can request a fellow member do so for you), but I don't think that such an indicator is necessary for the majority of diesel drivers/gas stations any more than an indicator is needed to show that a station has a high-volume dispenser.

And welcome to Gas Buddy; I'm sure your fellow New York Gas Buddy members will appreciate your continued participation.
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