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Author Topic: Need to be able to change vehicle name Back to Topics

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North Carolina

Joined:Nov 2008
Message Posted: Jun 15, 2013 7:16:44 PM

Why can't we change the name of our vehicles in the Fuel Log Book? The logbook is after all, just a simple database.

A long time ago, I mislabeled my HD NightTrain as "NighTrain". Instead, if I want to fix this mistake, I have to create a new vehicle, give it the proper name, and then manually enter in all my old fuel data or not enter it and just start from the date I create the "new" vehicle.
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Rookie Author Milwaukee

Joined:Nov 2008
Message Posted: Jun 18, 2013 9:51:08 PM

I agree with blkwolf
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All-Star Author North Carolina

Joined:Nov 2008
Message Posted: Jun 16, 2013 9:40:56 PM

CampKohler: Good point, however, as an experienced database developer, that's probably a poor design decision. Additionally, there has to be more than just the name. I don't know how many ppl are here on GB, but you can safely assume that more than one person has given their vehicle the name "Ford" or "Family car" and so on. So, that means the name is tied to the user. Therefore, there is no logical reason to make the name "uneditable". It doesn't consume any more resources to give the ability to the user to be able to change the name...
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Champion Author Maryland

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Message Posted: Jun 16, 2013 7:20:02 PM

Why not simply contact the moderators via the Help link at the top of the page and request they make a simple name change for you?

That way you won't have to reenter any information.

It simply seems like Gas Buddy has long ago decided that they don't want members making administrative changes and they've been willing to make changes upon request (and, based on experience, seem to do so quickly, as long as you recognize that they receive numerous messages and e-mails daily).
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Champion Author Sacramento

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Message Posted: Jun 15, 2013 9:52:01 PM

This suggestion has been added to the Suggestion Tracking List as a new subject.

Maybe they hang all the data on the vehicle name, in which case it couldn't change and retain the data. If they keyed it on a number of which the name was just one more piece of data, it should be possible for the name to be editable.
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