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Author Topic: Saving my local serch Back to Topics

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Message Posted: Dec 12, 2012 8:52:57 PM

Maybe this is already a feature and I just cant find out how to get it done.
I just want to have my local stations to be saved so they show back up when I do something on site. Ive bookmarked my location so when I come on I always get them, but then when I do anything onsite non local stations show up and I have to search around for my local Nelson stations again.
Just a note I am really new to the site and not the most computer literate person. So maybe its right there in front of me and I just cant see how its done, but is there a way have my local area show up all the time or does this site always default to a nearby larger area?
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Message Posted: Dec 13, 2012 3:20:22 PM

Hi JustBigB,

There are two ways you can achieve saving stations for searching/reporting prices.

1) Create a Favorite Stations List. When you view station details pages, you will see an option to "Add to my favorites" - when you do this you can select/create a favorites list. Favorites are accessed and managed near the bottom of the site Home screen. These favorite lists only apply to the site the stations are listed under (you can have a favorites list for,, etc). You can use the managing options to add a station to your FSL without having to visit the station's details page.

2) Create a saved search. When using the "Show Search Options" hyperlink on the Search Gas Prices page, your area/station brand option lists will appear. Before hitting the search button, hit the "Save this search" check box and give the search a name. Saved searches are accessed under the search entry field, you'll see your search name hyperlinked below the City, State/Province or Zip/Postal code box. Simply click the saved search link and the search will be performed to your specs.

I hope this helps.


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Message Posted: Dec 12, 2012 10:04:29 PM

Create a favorites list. That will accomplish what you want.
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