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Author Topic: Boycott Cumberland Farms Back to Topics

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Joined:Sep 2013
Message Posted: Jun 15, 2014 9:57:15 AM

If you don't attach your bank account to their program it will cost you $.10 more per gallon. Gee thanks Cumberland Farms for making it harder for all of the people that are just scrapping by and charging more money if they don't sign up for you discount card. What about the folks that don't have bank accounts or can't sign up for some reason. So I for one no longer buy my gas from Cumberland Farms.

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Rookie Author Bridgeport

Joined:Jun 2013
Message Posted: Dec 11, 2014 3:04:59 AM

I got laid off and consequently don't use banks as I would incur a hefty monthly fee. So Cumbys won't get my money.
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Champion Author Providence

Joined:Oct 2006
Message Posted: Dec 8, 2014 9:07:56 AM

late to this topic.

I too am uneasy with giving CF access to my checking account. After all the stealing that has gone on at Target, Home Depot, Tower and others, the last thing you want is to give a regional milk store your crucial financial info.

I've got their Check-Link card here but haven't set it up. Trying to find a work around to the bank link requirement.

I've read that you can link to Paypal, but so far I haven't found how to do that. Possibly one of the virtual banks like Bluebird/Serve/Redbird or maybe Evolve or Amazon. I'd save $1.30/tank so its worth some effort to get it working.

I love CF prices, and they have great stores - modern, clean, appetizing, good coffee, good snacks.
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Champion Author Lexington

Joined:Aug 2013
Message Posted: Aug 13, 2014 7:10:26 AM

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Champion Author Maryland

Joined:Aug 2004
Message Posted: Jul 30, 2014 7:39:41 PM

In the five weeks since northponder started this thread, he/she's still got the same 520 points as when the topic was started, meaning that no gas prices have been posted to help other members. It seems that, after nearly a year of Gas Buddy membership, the primary concern of the member has been Cumberland Farms giving discounts to some customers.

So much for northponder's call for a boycott. Even the caller of the boycott isn't interested in continuing the call.
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Champion Author Bakersfield

Joined:Nov 2012
Message Posted: Jul 24, 2014 1:26:26 PM

i think you are making something out of nothing. read some of these answers above and then remover this subject.
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Champion Author Wilmington

Joined:Sep 2005
Message Posted: Jul 13, 2014 6:36:31 AM

Do you avoid Walgreens and other drug stores that have a rewards program? How about grocery stores? Then there is Kohl's, where you get higher discounts by using their credit card. What about the folks that don't have Kohl's cards or can't sign up for some reason?
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Champion Author Cleveland

Joined:Aug 2004
Message Posted: Jul 12, 2014 9:44:18 AM

Gas_Buddy is right.

You are causing Cumberland Farms to be charged fees if you use your credit card (between 2-6% in most cases). That's a hefty price!

Linking your checking or savings account allows them to save the fee, which they pass along to you (and more, 10 cents per gallon is a huge savings over what they would be charged by the credit card company).

If you don't like it, shop somewhere else. If it works for others, don't let them be swayed by the 10 cent savings.

Around Ohio right now, many stations are starting to have CASH vs. CREDIT prices. The cash price is often 5-6 cents less than the credit price. Should I avoid all these stations because I don't carry cash and use my debit card like cash everywhere? I don't think so. It's called business. They are offering an option for savings if they can save some money.

People need to stop reacting so violently to things they don't think about very deeply.
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Champion Author Maryland

Joined:Aug 2004
Message Posted: Jun 15, 2014 8:39:18 PM

I don't get it. You're boycotting Cumberland Farms because they're giving a discount if you join their reward program? I understand that not everyone has a bank account or that they may not want to sign up for a program that links their bank account to Cumberland Farms' program, but what it does for Cumberland Farms is that it provides them with direct payment, bypassing the credit card companies, meaning that they don't have to pay the credit card fees. So what they're doing is passing on some of the money that they don't have to pay to the credit card companies to the customer, at the same time guaranteeing that they receive their payment.

Unless you're always paying cash for your gas at Cumberland Farms (and you didn't say if you pay by credit card or you pay with cash), all they're doing is giving back to customers that aren't making them pay the credit card fees.

And for that you're boycotting them?

In any case, just a word of thanks for all your gas price posting to help your fellow Maine Gas Buddy members be more knowledgeable shoppers, regardless where they might eventually buy their gas.


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Rookie Author Rochester

Joined:Sep 2010
Message Posted: Jun 15, 2014 5:54:09 PM

Boy business as stomping to all new record low in how to make a buck from the consumer
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