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Author Topic: Lets call it abstaining not a boycott Back to Topics

Rookie Author

Joined:Feb 2013
Message Posted: Apr 27, 2013 6:20:32 PM

So basicly an economy is a supply and demand system. Rule # 1 is supply should equal demand. We have to stop fixating on gas boycotts, we are not getting organised enough to make them work. Since every commodity we consume is delivered using fuel ,what it comes down to is we have to consume less of everything. If we consume less then they don't have to deliver more so often. Are we such a gluttenous ,wasteful society that we couldn't do without all the junk food, starbucks, bottled water etc... for s day. Start consuming less and just watch the prices drop not just for fuel. We need to create an imbalance of supply and demand. We all heard it," I don't drive or i take my bike to work so the gas prices don't affect me. Bullsht! Do you bring your lunch to work , maybe, but if you eat at Mcd's or buy your coffee ,bottled watter or what ever. you are consuming commodities. We are consumers from the second we are born but i'm not professing to change the diaper less often. To emfacise again ,the more we consume the more they have to deliver more, using up more fuel.This effort to use less should be an international effort not just a north american one .If you want to affect corperate profits it has to be a global effort. But lets not call it a boycott , thie're too hard to organise. Anyway thats my rant for today.
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Champion Author Milwaukee

Joined:Apr 2013
Message Posted: Dec 29, 2013 5:44:21 PM

I like gsandy1 way of thinking, we should not give in just try to use less and see what happens. I take my lunch and until gas goes down I only get as much as I need.
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Rookie Author Edmonton

Joined:Feb 2013
Message Posted: Sep 27, 2013 9:50:34 AM

The problem we as consumers face regarding fuel is we know the prices are not set under actual competition between the companies who provide it. If we knew what the actual cost to provide a litre of fuel to the pump is, we would be able to work with the facts. Our only option is to try and affect the prices at the source. Boycotting will work if it can be organized to get a group as a whole to participate. If we can organize when to boycott a certain company at the same time ,they will notice it in a big hurry. When they adjust their prices to a lower level that is in out favour, we then reward them by purchasing their fuel as a group as well.
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Champion Author Tallahassee

Joined:Feb 2013
Message Posted: Jun 1, 2013 9:05:03 AM

Call it what you want...
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Champion Author Maryland

Joined:Aug 2004
Message Posted: May 26, 2013 7:30:43 PM


"Right now I'm buying gas $5 at a time because the Oil Criminals have Iowa prices jacked up 40 cents more than the Free Market Value ....."

What exactly is the free market value and did you come up with that figure?

Second, and it's just an observation, in more than a year and a half of being a Gas Buddy member, you've made (at most) four gas price posts, less than one every four months. If gas prices are that important to you, as a Gas Buddy member, why not post gas prices just a little more frequently to help your fellow Quad Cities Gas Buddy members be more knowledgeable shoppers, so they don't have to pay any more than necessary. If you only posted one gas price a month it would be a significant increase in the amount of information you're providing your fellow members.

What I don't understand is how buying gas $5 at a time, regardless of the reason, makes any difference to anyone other than requiring you to make multiple trips to buy gas you need, whereas if you did buy a full tank at a time, you'd save yourself time and unnecessary driving and stopping. But maybe I don't fully understand how you're making a significant point by your action.

Joined:Sep 2011
Message Posted: May 25, 2013 8:17:07 PM
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Right now I'm buying gas $5 at a time because the Oil Criminals have Iowa prices jacked up 40 cents more than the Free Market Value .....

Supply and demand my a .....

Supply and demand my a .....
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Champion Author Wilmington

Joined:Sep 2005
Message Posted: May 26, 2013 6:21:06 AM

What do you hope to accomplish (besides wasting a massive amount of your time) by buying gas $5 at a time? It does not increase anyone's cost, just wastes your leisure hours for no reason.
Also, if you are environmentally friendly at all, each time you add fuel to your tank releases ozone precursors. The same amount every time, fill up or $5. So, your "protest" is harmful to boot.
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Rookie Author Quad Cities

Joined:Sep 2011
Message Posted: May 25, 2013 8:17:07 PM

Right now I'm buying gas $5 at a time because the Oil Criminals have Iowa prices jacked up 40 cents more than the Free Market Value .....

Supply and demand my a .....
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Champion Author Salt Lake City

Joined:Dec 2012
Message Posted: May 25, 2013 5:43:40 PM

It is a good theory. I don't have to buy very much gas, but most people have to buy a lot more than I do because their situations are different and they have no choice but to commute and other things. Personally, I can and often do abstain simply because I don't have a need, so it's not truly abstaining. However, I think everyone who has ideas should throw them out there and people shouldn't be harsh. Sure, explain why it won't work, but be kind. Not all of us have years of experience or expertise. People shouldn't be discouraged from throwing and idea on to this forum. It IS a place for discussion, and I commend anyone who hasn't posted before for having the courage to do so.
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Champion Author Cleveland

Joined:Aug 2004
Message Posted: May 24, 2013 11:07:17 PM

You do have a point... particularly for a rookie author.

The real question is HOW do we get 7 billion people on-board with this idea?

We are bombarded with 17 minutes of commercials on radio and up to 23 minutes of commercials on TV EVERY HOUR of EVERY DAY!!! You need... You deserve... Everyone else has ____, you need it, too.

Think. Most people have a basement or garage full of stuff that they "needed, deserved, or got because their neighbor had one and they needed it, too." Right? Admit it. I'm not that far off the mark.

Vote for good practices (businesses should have LEED Certified buildings, sustainable manufacturing, and conservation/recycling plans) with your wallet. If you don't think Walmart cares about the planet, don't shop there. But, if they can obtain and ship it to the store for a better cost and means than another store, then DO shop there.

You have to be an informed consumer, though. That's where we run into trouble with this entire concept.

People are generally stupid.
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Champion Author Alabama

Joined:Sep 2008
Message Posted: May 18, 2013 1:25:53 AM

and if the government needs more money, they just print it
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Champion Author Alabama

Joined:Mar 2011
Message Posted: May 17, 2013 2:01:50 PM

PattVV; Maybe you can prove your theory first. That would be unique.
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Champion Author Cleveland

Joined:Nov 2008
Message Posted: May 17, 2013 11:14:16 AM

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Rookie Author Twin Cities

Joined:May 2013
Message Posted: May 16, 2013 10:48:58 AM

If only 15% of BP and Shells customers bought gas elsewhere BP and Shell would reduce prices to bring those customers back! And as the gas prices at BP and Shell drop their competition would also drop prices to remain competitive!

I chose BP & Shell because they are nation-wide companies. To be effective, many of BP's and Shell's current customers need to buy into this effort! I truly believe the mass population CAN CONTROL gasoline prices. Prove me wrong with reality - not theory. Try this.

Ideally I would choose 2 national companies with the highest quarterly profits. That way the companies being boycotted would, perhaps, change quarterly minimizing the impact to the independently owned stations associated with those large companies.
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Champion Author Austin

Joined:Mar 2013
Message Posted: May 8, 2013 11:22:50 AM

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Champion Author Alabama

Joined:Mar 2011
Message Posted: May 7, 2013 3:20:07 PM

These replies are worse than the original post...imagine that.
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Champion Author Chicago

Joined:Feb 2011
Message Posted: May 6, 2013 6:30:55 PM

What is all the wisdom you keep citing sks1586 ?
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Champion Author New Jersey

Joined:Mar 2013
Message Posted: May 5, 2013 4:20:27 AM

Nickeybasenji & rumbleseat are correct (good explanations provided by them).
IMHO Author's strategy can not be implemented in US (Highest consumption nation, where 99% will not listen to your wisdom. Without understanding your wisdom, they will not be able to act on your strategy). This is the best time with high unemployment (means less money) for majority to understand your wisdom. But voluntarily created deaf ears & closed eyes (acting like blind), majority are unwilling to understand your wisdom.
In the end - rumbleseat's wisdom on Traders joined with invisible powerful hands manipulate the Oil & Gas prices.
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Champion Author Winnipeg

Joined:Oct 2002
Message Posted: May 2, 2013 2:23:09 AM

I suggest, since you aren't contributing gas prices, you really aren't concerned about them.

As far as your "plan", variations of which have been advocated for many years, if consumption of everything actually were to drop, so would production, and there you have it, a new balance. Buy fewer burgers at McD's, eventually they close a couple of locations and put people on the unemployment lines. Just ask former Blockbuster employees what happened when people rented fewer movies!
As a matter of fact, your "plan" has actually come up in various incarnations on the internet since 1999.
I remember other "plans", distributed by snail mail, as far back as the mid-to-late 1960s when people wanted to protest 35 cents per Canadian gallon!
A little research would tell you that, ultimately, retailers have very little input into the price of fuel. Oil and gasoline are BOTH traded on the commodities markets. Traders bid the price up, and prices go down when they do profit-taking. Traders can make the price of gasoline go up even when the price of oil goes down, traders can make the price of gasoline go up even when sales are down, and traders can decide if a glut is possible, then they take their profits and the price goes down for a while, until such time as they decide it is time to bid the price back up.
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Champion Author Boston

Joined:Aug 2005
Message Posted: May 1, 2013 7:05:22 AM

I guess you missed those grade school lessons on paragraphs.
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