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Author Topic: 50 NJ Lukoil franchise owners boycott Lukoil N. America Back to Topics
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New Jersey

Joined:Sep 2012
Message Posted: Sep 12, 2012 1:42:12 PM

50 Lukoil franchise owners in NJ have raised their prices to 9 dollars a gal to protest zone pricing by Lukoil N. America. They say unfair price zoning is running the stations out of the market. In Piscataway, the Lukoil at S. Randolphville and Old New Brunswick was at about 9 dollars til 9 pm tonight as well as the Lukoil at Stelton rd and Hamilton in S Plainfield. Nice to see the station owners taking a stand. I hope it works out for them. Check news12 nj for the story. It's all done by 9pm tonight

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Champion Author Maryland

Joined:Aug 2004
Message Posted: Sep 16, 2012 6:34:02 PM


Read my earlier post. The Lukoil are NOT doing "such astronomical charge the consumer prices." They posted the prices for effect, in order to gain attention for themselves in protest of Lukoil corporation's passing on costs to the station operators.

You also wrote:
"Also make State and/or Federal regulations give more choices at the energy fuel station..."

Are you saying that state and Federal governments should tell gas stations what fuels they should be required to sell? Do you really want the government telling gas stations what to sell or not sell? You don't think the market place should dictate what products a private business should sell? Or are you suggesting that state and Federal governments operate fuel stations?

In any case, trying to read your post is difficult because of your wording and punctuation. For example, you wrote:
"Brazil uses a sugar base fuel And yes it does hurt the engine. It actually helps. "

Which is it? Is it "...yes it does hurt the engine" or is it "It actually helps." Does it hurt or does it help?

For that matter, you're a long time Gas Buddy member, with more than four years membership. In that time you've averaged about one gas price post every three weeks. It's just a suggestion but you might want to post gas prices just a little more frequently for the benefit of your fellow New Jersey Gas Buddy members. If you posted only one gas price a week, just one gas price post a week, you would provide three times the information you provide now. But it's just a suggestion; that's all. Just a suggestion.
Rookie Author New Jersey

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Message Posted: Sep 16, 2012 5:46:03 PM

I can NOT believe why Station owners of LUKoil would do such astronomical charge the consumer prices. Unless they are only posting these prices If we had the price at $9.99 per gallon regular gasoline This world economy would fall. No one would be able to go to work Every person would ride a bike or walk. This is the only method to really protest leave your vehicle home and walk it. or ride the bus or train. I feel this is the best method of protesting High gasoline prices. Also make State and/or Federal regulations give more choices at the energy fuel station Con-G Natural gas Liquified gas Also the can promote solar panels and wind turbines To help charging stations; in case you have an all electric vehicle. Choices of opportunities for All American consumers. Is the best method to help United States and the world. Brazil uses a sugar base fuel And yes it does hurt the engine. It actually helps. We Americans are the most intelligent people we must diversified our transportation fuels CDL
track trailer trucks can use Natural gas They are already started using ethanol base fuel in their tanks Plus diesel gasoline is much higher and harder to produce That is why it is higher.
Champion Author Maryland

Joined:Aug 2004
Message Posted: Sep 12, 2012 4:17:41 PM

First, the Lukoil franchise operators are Lukoil not boycotting Lukoil; they are merely trying to publicize their concerns about high prices they're being charged by Lukoil (Lukoil, among other things, is apparently trying to pass on costs to the franchisees, such as real estate taxes and building up-keep costs).

Second, the gas stations have not, I repeat have NOT, raised their prices to $9 a gallon. One of the gas station operators has publicly said, including to television news reporters, "...the gas station owners are not charging customers those high costs. They are only posting the prices for 24 hours in protest of the franchisee's high costs."

However, you've posted this topic in the national discussion category, where it will be read by Gas Buddy members across the United States and Canada. This might be better posted in your local, New Jersey, discussion category where it can be seen by people who are more familiar with the local gas stations. And who might be able to "Check news12 nj for the story."

As for "It's all done by 9pm tonight", do you mean that the news12 nj (whatever that is) will be done by "9pm tonight"?
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