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Author Topic: Top Spotters function Back to Topics
Rookie Author
South Carolina

Joined:May 2013
Message Posted: Aug 9, 2014 12:30:50 AM

The Top Spotters function foster posting and encourages in most cases good-natured competition. Some clarification how it works may be forthcoming. My understanding is that the software looks only at the past thirty days, regardless of total champ days. Am I wrong?

In zip code 29910, Wmoc (who doesn't post in the forum) has been very active over the years. At some stations (not all), he can skip posting more than a calendar day without losing a single day. It appears he can't be dethroned by anyone who posts for 30 days at Nickel Pumpers, The Bluffton Market, a BP (he's champ for 557 days but not posting daily) and others. At an Enmark, he's at 29 days and apparently does not have to post in order to keep it.

If anyone looks, you'll find me at 28 or 29 (been busy at my new home). I've been at 30 days in the past as the only poster during consecutive calendar days but have yet to attain champ status at Wmoc's "locked-in at 30" stations. In sum, it appears Wmoc doesn't have to post at certain stations to keep his 30 days status.

It occurs to me there is a software bug that allows high total champ days to override the past 30. Or is that by design?
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Champion Author Akron

Joined:Apr 2011
Message Posted: Aug 25, 2014 7:34:43 AM

LowCountryAl, the Gas_Buddy who posts here in the forums is just a member like you and I, he is not a member of the GasBuddy organization. Yes, it can be confusing especially to newer members and seems odd that GasBuddy would have allowed a user to take on that nickname, but it is what it is.

In any case, any answer he has is as speculative as your or my thoughts, and any desire he may have for it to simply go away carries no weight with the powers that be.

Rookie Author South Carolina

Joined:May 2013
Message Posted: Aug 25, 2014 6:15:04 AM

Hey Gas_Buddy, do you have an answer? Or is this something you simply want to go away?

What's so special about member Wmoc that he doesn't have to post prices daily to keep his 30 day ranking at individual stations like the rest of us do?

It really isn't fair to others who do post prices to have a member get credit for not posting. So how about a response?

[Edited by: LowCountryAl at 8/25/2014 6:21:06 AM EST]
All-Star Author Indiana

Joined:Jan 2014
Message Posted: Aug 22, 2014 2:07:20 PM

Thanks campkohler for the award descriptions. This answer reminds me of the ramblings of a dead coworker who admitted to being a heavy glue huffer. We used to do structural welding in high rise construction. Almost any question that he answered would include a list of strange and unrelated wierdnesses like yours. He made me laugh while he was still around.

Since I don't have a phone, I guess none of this matters. Sorry for asking.
Rookie Author South Carolina

Joined:May 2013
Message Posted: Aug 21, 2014 9:55:48 PM

For Retired-Coastie,

It's about not posting at all yet not rolling back the consecutive day count at individual stations. Read on, please.

Example: Today, I have not left my house. For that reason, my posting count should roll back from 29 to 28 or perhaps 5 to 4 at other stations. If I were maxxed out at 30, then I should roll back to 29. The point is I should lose a day at the stations.

Wmoc doesn't post daily at all stations. He should be rolled back to 15 to 20 days or so in the past 30 at several local stations. Instead, he stays at 30.

Gas_Buddy, perhaps you can help. Can you find out why Wmoc is apparently exempt from the "past 30 day rule?" Is this a known issue?
Champion Author Maryland

Joined:Aug 2004
Message Posted: Aug 16, 2014 2:56:47 PM

CampKohler, thank you for your response to the original post...I'm sure your most recent response will be... never mind. It's not worth the trouble of continuing.

Champion Author Sacramento

Joined:May 2007
Message Posted: Aug 16, 2014 12:30:56 PM

It's a series theoretical pats on the back for achieving certain goals of reporting:

1. Clothing award: For the most stations reported by driving around NOT naked. (Almost all members qualify for competition in this one. It's to get them interested in the awards in the first place.)
2. Eyes Open award: For the most prices posted when not having the eyelids closed. (Ditto.)
3. Ebola Effort award: For the most prices posted from the time you have been diagnosed to when your name is suitable for inclusion in the forum's In Memoriam category. (Members will be disqualified if their vehicle is not legally parked at the time it comes to a final stop.)
4. Asked and Answered award: For devising the most possibly confusing question to be presented to station management. Example: "Could you tell me the number of diesel customers who, after purchasing regular gasoline, tell you that they made a mistake and would like you to remove the regular from their vehicle and refund their purchase?"
5. Weeniemaster Award: For those members who have, from each station they have reported in a single day, eaten at least one of those wrinkled frankfurters that sit on a heated rolling display all day long. (Vomiting, intentional or not disqualifies.)

And so forth. (You are not missing much.)
All-Star Author Indiana

Joined:Jan 2014
Message Posted: Aug 15, 2014 8:32:33 AM

i don't have a phone with the gasbuddy app and have to use a computer at work to come here. What are the awards that everyone doesn't like all about? Just trying to get up to speed.
Champion Author Alabama

Joined:Jun 2009
Message Posted: Aug 14, 2014 9:33:16 PM

"I also vote for eliminating all the app awards!"

What good are they? No more than useless titles.
Champion Author Winston-Salem

Joined:Oct 2005
Message Posted: Aug 14, 2014 1:52:09 PM

>> I also vote for eliminating all the app awards! <<

I second that....
Champion Author Arkansas

Joined:Oct 2011
Message Posted: Aug 14, 2014 10:24:32 AM

The number of days as Top Spotter (TS) is the number of days you have been the TS at a certain station. If no else posts a price at station "X" and you posted only 2 times a month you would be the TS at that station.

I have seen this happen when I went on vacation and the number of rolling calendar days approached 5 yet because no one else posted more then 5 times at that station during that time I remained TS.

I hope this helps to clarify, or mystify the situation for you.
Champion Author Pittsburgh

Joined:Mar 2003
Message Posted: Aug 14, 2014 7:43:13 AM

I also vote for eliminating all the app awards!
Champion Author Tampa

Joined:May 2004
Message Posted: Aug 14, 2014 7:42:08 AM

I vote for eliminating the awards -- all of them ;-)
Rookie Author South Carolina

Joined:May 2013
Message Posted: Aug 14, 2014 5:33:24 AM

CelticHeart, I assume you mean posting in the forum does the same. Thanks but I'm not concerned with my consecutive days ranking. The topic is about the Top Spotter function in the mobile apps.

Wmoc doesn't post at all in this forum but gets ongoing credit for Top Spotter for not reporting prices. Mods should simply eliminate Top Spotters and/or explain why Wmoc and perhaps others are exempt from the "30 day period".

[Edited by: LowCountryAl at 8/14/2014 5:38:41 AM EST]
Champion Author Detroit

Joined:Aug 2004
Message Posted: Aug 13, 2014 7:16:27 PM

You don't have to post gas prices to keep your consecutive days.
Rookie Author South Carolina

Joined:May 2013
Message Posted: Aug 13, 2014 6:08:48 PM

Due to my new residence, I'm reaching a point where it's not practical to play the Top Spotters comp game. I do think GasBuddy should fix it so that members don't get credit for posts they don't make. Wmoc posted only once in the past few days at the BP I referred to yet accrued another five days as champ.

The Top Spotter system is broken. A better use of the screen real estate such as reviving the comment box should be considered.
Champion Author Las Vegas

Joined:Apr 2007
Message Posted: Aug 9, 2014 1:49:23 PM

Like a lot of things on this site - half baked, serves zero function, but looks pretty to advertisers with an active community of people posting.

Site management feels awards for spotting are more important than working necessary functions in both mobile apps and desktop web sites.
Champion Author Orlando

Joined:Apr 2011
Message Posted: Aug 9, 2014 11:11:17 AM

I don't get it either. It seems the qualifications vary all over the place.
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