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Author Topic: Any mods around? Back to Topics

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Joined:Aug 2005
Message Posted: Oct 31, 2013 3:58:20 PM

Everyone but mods can ignore this. I've been trying to get a mod to respond to a request for almost two months now. I've sent messages by e-mail, the "Contact Us" page, and through the message center. "CC" replied a couple of times by e-mail very early, but now I cannot get anyone to respond. This was never a problem until now. The few times I've written the mods in past years, it took at most two messages to get a prompt response. Are y'all that busy now, or are messages simply not getting through?

So... mods. Please check your inboxes for messages from "topcat57" and reply if you don't mind.

Thanks so much!
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Message Posted: Nov 1, 2013 11:35:08 AM


Sorry for any inconvenience. We are very backed up right now. Normally we are caught up by the end of each week, but we have been receiving higher than normal feedback. The oldest message in the inbox is from 10-05-2013. As new messages come in, we have to alternate between new and old messages to make sure new issues are addressed while old issues are still getting addressed as well.

We apologize for any delay. Please rest assured, while we may not respond to e-mail immediately, we do read them all. Due to the volume of e-mail we handle (and we are by no means a large company), we may not read your message for days or weeks (depending on how many e-mail are in queue). Sending another e-mail just puts another e-mail in the list that won't be read until previous messages have been read.

Thank you for your patience.
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Champion Author Pittsburgh

Joined:Mar 2003
Message Posted: Nov 1, 2013 9:15:18 AM

Considering the frequency with which they reply, you could be right GGG!
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Champion Author Los Angeles

Joined:Mar 2010
Message Posted: Nov 1, 2013 5:07:41 AM

They are all out trick or treating.

The janitor is the last one in the office and he's busy, and he doesn't know how to use the computer.
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