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Author Topic: Can't stay logged in on new site Back to Topics
Champion Author

Joined:Apr 2003
Message Posted: Jan 22, 2013 4:02:50 PM

When I go to the new web portal for GB and then go to the old web site I am logged in and can post. If I try to go to the new site and try to post it says I'm not logged in. And yes if I check the, keep me logged in, and they go bank through the process I am not logged in the second time around. What's up?
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Champion Author Virginia

Joined:Sep 2006
Message Posted: Jan 22, 2013 11:49:22 PM

Do you have some setting that is preventing your system from storing cookies?
Champion Author Maryland

Joined:Aug 2004
Message Posted: Jan 22, 2013 8:31:34 PM

"When I go to the new web portal...then go to the old web site."

Can you better explain what it is you're doing and what equipment you're using?

For starters:
What "new" web portal are you accessing, and on what are you accessing it? Are you using a computer/laptop/netbook, or a mobile device, and/or are you accessing the portal from your mobile device's browser?

What type of equipment are you using and what operating system are you using?

How are you "then go[ing] to the old web site", and how are you then going to the "new" site?

I assume by "and they go bank through the process I am not logged in..." you mean "and they go back through the process...". What goes back through the process?

If you're using a mobile app, have you tired reloading the app?

Sorry if it seems naive questions, but the more information you can provide, in the simplest terms, the easier it to understand your problem and provide assistance.
Champion Author Orange County

Joined:Oct 2001
Message Posted: Jan 22, 2013 5:31:06 PM

We can't help you with problems you're having with your computer or browser configuration.
Champion Author Pittsburgh

Joined:Mar 2003
Message Posted: Jan 22, 2013 4:09:25 PM

What new web portal? Are you on a PC/laptop or a mobile device?
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