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Joined:Oct 2012
Message Posted: Dec 12, 2012 6:42:09 PM

How do I search the forums by keyword? When I view the forum, it shows "search for author". I don't know any of the authors. I want to search for a keyword.

The keyword I'm looking for today is "Reporter award". I was wondering why the reporter award seems not to track all of the gas prices I reported. Does it only track up to 5 per day? I've reported many more.
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Champion Author Sacramento

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Message Posted: Dec 13, 2012 9:34:38 PM

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Message Posted: Dec 13, 2012 11:53:36 AM

Sorry kndcajun,

There is no keyword search on the forums. We've wanted to do a major update to these message forums for years, but it tends to stay on the back burner as other parts of GasBuddy occupy more and more our time.

The Reporter award on our mobile apps does include all prices reported, but your device's GPS needs to be turned on an you have to be physically near the station when reporting. This is done to reduce recent abuse (people making up prices for stations in areas other than where they are currently located, etc.).

Please note, as well, that awards are only available on the mobile apps. Posts made on our websites will not count towards awards.

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Champion Author Orange County

Joined:Oct 2001
Message Posted: Dec 13, 2012 7:51:18 AM

The app awards are meaningless. Don't be sucked in to thinking otherwise.
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Champion Author San Jose

Joined:Jul 2001
Message Posted: Dec 12, 2012 11:25:12 PM

And concerning your question about how to search the forum, the short answer is that you can't do what you're thinking, but one workaround is to use Google (if you include the keyword intitle:"gas prices" then you're likely to limit it to GasBuddy sites only); another is to use Ctrl-F search on the index page of the most likely forum category.
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Champion Author Akron

Joined:Apr 2011
Message Posted: Dec 12, 2012 9:36:18 PM

TO answer your question about the Reporter Award in the app, I suggest you read this topic. There is quite a bit of information about the app Awards.
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Champion Author Maryland

Joined:Aug 2004
Message Posted: Dec 12, 2012 7:42:57 PM

Information regarding how to earn points and the amount of points that can be earned can be found on at the following:
Member information regarding points

However, to answer your question, points are "earned" or achieved by participating in the various website features, as follows:

Points Earned Member Activity
150 For each Post/Update To A Gasoline Price
100 For Voting In The Weekly Opinion Poll
80 For Submitting an e-mail address For The Tell-a-Friend Feature
20 Fore Each Message Post In The Message Forum
25 For Reading A Recent News Item
100 For Becoming a Member

Information For Collecting Points:
Points are awarded to a maximum of 5 times per day, per feature.
Example - For each gasoline price a member submits or updates they will earn 150 points. If in any one day (24 hour period starting at midnight local time) the same member submits/updates 5 prices they will earn a total of 750 points. If more than 5 prices are submitted on any one day by the same member, that member will not earn more than 750 points from the Post/Update a Gasoline price feature. The member will continue to be eligible to earn points using other web site features, again earning points to a maximum of 5 times per day.

Exceptions to the above rule:
Opinion poll points are awarded to maximum of once per week.
Points awarded for using the Tell-A-Friend feature are limited to a total of 1200 points.

To answer your question "Does it only track up to 5 per day", yes and no.
Yes, in that you only get points for each fuel price you post, up to a maximum of five fuel price posts per day.
No, in that each price post you make, regardless of how many you make a day, is posted in order that other Gas Buddy members can learn prices (i.e., be more knowledgeable shoppers) from your extra (non-point) contributions to the website.

If you've "reported many more" than you get points for, and I assume you're not here only for points, I'm sure your fellow Louisiana Gas Buddy members appreciate your extra effort as much as you appreciate their postings.

Regarding searching the forums by keyword, that is not currently a feature. However, you can search Gas Buddy using the following:
Gas Buddy Website Search

Does that answer your questions?
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