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Author Topic: Pick the gasbuddy users on this list that are suspicious Back to Topics

Champion Author

Joined:Nov 2011
Message Posted: Nov 6, 2012 5:08:52 AM

This is the list of members who have had 174 consecutive days, as of Monday 11/5/2012. Look at the structure of the user names. Something smells very rotten. I'd say there are either one or two members below who have tons of accounts, which is in violation of the user agreement and is considered a big no-no on gasbuddy. They use the extra points to increase their chances of winning the gas card raffle.

Also, this class is huge...too huge in fact. My class had only 20 or so members when we first appeared on the consecutive days list. Now it is down to only 5 as people have failed to participate.

Clue: look at the names that end with "dj" or that begin with "n" or "m", as well as their corresponding locations.
-- Illinoisdj Illinois 174
idkp Idaho 174
iakp IowaState 174
HTXDJ1 Houston 174
GayRider Illinois 174
flkp FloridaState 174
FLboy1 Miami 174
fwtxdj FortWorth 174
gakp Georgia 174
dtxdj Dallas 174
EagleBuddy NewJersey 174
ETXDJ ElPaso 174
DrLyon Michigan 174
DMIDJ Detroit 174
detroitdj Detroit 174
DesGas DesMoines 174
desmoinesdj DesMoines 174
DenverBuddy Denver 174
denverdj Denver 174
dekp Delaware 174
chicagodj Chicago 174
cctxdj CorpusChristi 174
cnkp Connecticut 174
cokp Colorado 174
cildj Chicago 174
dalejag Vegas 174
cstxdj CollegeStation 174
birminghamdj Birmingham 174
BirminghamMan Birmingham 174
azkp Arizona 174
ARGasBud Arkansas 174
ATXDJ1 Austin 174
aohdj Akron 174
apndj Allentown 174
anydj Albany 174
anmdj Albuquerque 174
AMaTXdj Amarillo 174
akrondj Akron 174
alkp Alabama 174
AlienBug Connecticut 174
albanydj Albany 174
albuquerquedj Albuquerque 174
1DollarGasNow QuadCities 174
mmskp Mississippi 174
mmakp Massachusetts 174
mmdkp Maryland 174
mmekp Maine 174
mmikp Michigan 174
mmnkp Minnesota 174
Mmokp Missouri 174
MOtxdj MidlandOdessa 174
mtm_43 Ottawa 174
NewOrleansDJ NewOrleans 174
NOLADJ Tucson 174
nnvkp Nevada 174
racecar66 Houston 174
Quekingdavid Durham 174
quadcitiesdj QuadCities 174
RGVtxdj RioGrandeValley 174
PAZDJ Phoenix 174
OOKDJ OklahomaCity 174
vcadj Ventura 174
vegasdj Vegas 174
UDJ Utah 174
ttxdj Texas 174
wingsrus Texas 174
wtxdj Waco 174
SATXDJ SanAntonio 174
tazdj1 Tucson 174
kkykp Kentucky 174
kkskp Kansas 174
KMG36579 California 174
mgbuth Utah 174
mgbiow IowaState 174
mgbmar Maryland 174
mgbmas Massachusetts 174
mgbmic Michigan 174
mgbmin Minnesota 174
mgbmisMO Missouri 174
mgbmon Montana 174
mgbohi Ohio 174
mamanet66 Missouri 174
ltxdj Laredo 174
LUBtxdj Lubbock 174
leafs11 Ottawa 174
llakp Louisiana 174
MiamiDJ Miami 174

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Rookie Author Oklahoma

Joined:Nov 2012
Message Posted: Nov 7, 2012 3:25:14 AM

theres a few but im having trouble with transfering things
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Champion Author Oakland

Joined:Nov 2011
Message Posted: Nov 7, 2012 12:06:56 AM

Don: thanks so much, and sorry for the late reply, as I was gone the whole day. I was about to make a report to gasbuddy tonight, but I checked this forum first. I am glad these users are banned and you at least have a work-around to keep them off!

I think this is a terrific site and I come here each day. I had a rocky start, but I learned to appreciate it as time went by, especially all the work that went into making it. And now there's even a Sandy site--wow!
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Message Posted: Nov 6, 2012 6:09:30 PM

These are banned members.

I can assure you that they are banned and are not eligible for any draws or anything like that.

The reason banned members can continue to gain points is because the site owners decided the best way to keep them from abusing the site is to make them invisible. About 90% of the site abuse comes from people logging in, posting false information or vulgar posts and then logging out immediately after. They think they're still posting but they're not.

Sometimes we end up having to block their IP's etc, but these kinds of steps can be easily overcome various ways.

We still have the problem of removing banned users from the point standings. We attempted to correct this once before and it caused more problems than it fixed, so it's been put on hold for the time being, but we do plan to correct this at some point.

I hope this explanation helps.

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Champion Author Oakland

Joined:Nov 2011
Message Posted: Nov 6, 2012 2:17:56 PM

Thanks! I am going to. At first, I was so overwhelmed by all the names,I didn't know how to handle this. But now I see just a few users, at most.
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Champion Author Pittsburgh

Joined:Mar 2003
Message Posted: Nov 6, 2012 6:15:43 AM

You could be on to something. The mods should be able to check IP's. Have you let them know?
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Champion Author Oakland

Joined:Nov 2011
Message Posted: Nov 6, 2012 5:23:46 AM

This class (the one with 174 consecutive days) has 87 members! The surrounding classes have only 10-25 members.

There are 38 members alone in this class whose user names end in "dj" or "dj1"!
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